Golden Colour

Over the last years among the fans of the British breed the popularity of the British gold colors extraordinarily increased. Golden color – the rarest one through all of the British world colors. And it’s not just a fashion statement, but also the result of a huge breeders’ work who developed gold Britons with an unusually warm and bright apricot underfur, so-called “red” gold. Cat with a such color even in the cloudy weather looks like a ray of sunshine in the house. Eyes’ color of golden Britons – emerald green.
Golden color of cats is the most difficult in breeding. There are not so much cats with this color, and from them you have to choose those whose British breed characters are the best. And at the same time is necessary to monitor the color of eyes, underfur, fur pattern, because just with a smallest genes discrepancy everything can be ruin. Golden color completely settles after a year, and the green color of the eyes can be finally formed at 2-3 years. Therefore, it is the golden color of British cats so expensive and so highly valued by experts.