Maintenance and care

British cats are the real catch for a busy person. The British Shorthair cats are very easy to care. Kittens from an early age easily become accustomed to the toilet and to the accuracy. These pets do not need very frequent brushing. Usually it’s enough to give fur a rubber brush once a week. However, the density of wool varies depending on season. The fur in winter time is denser and thicker than in summer. Shedding period is twice a year, in spring and autumn. At this time, it is recommended to pay attention to fur every day. For fur renewing process acceleration can be used not only small comb or special rubber brush, but also you can use special comb for plucking or give a bathe the animal.

The British is a pathological cleanie, they can spend hours licking themselves. Bathing in general is necessary only if the animal is dirty with something difficult to remove, for example, paint, or if there are parasites. If you decided to wash your pet, is not recommended using shampoos and other things dedicated for people. For cats now exist a huge variety of cosmetics, both for occasional use in the home and professional cosmetics to prepare for exhibitions.