Why our kittens are expensive?

Exclusive colours

We work with a few solid and exclusive colors (Black Golden and Blue Golden with Emerald eyes) of the British breed. Since the golden color of the breed lines was developed a breed recently, kittens of this color have a great interest through the experts and the future owners. Kittens of rare colors is a huge work of breeders, the right choice of couples and also fortune.

Kitten class

The price of a kitten is determined only after its birth and depends on the class (pet, breed, show), breed qualities, sex, color.

Veterinary service control

All kittens of our cattery are liable to necessary vaccinations, deworming, microchipping.


Each kitten that has moved to the new owners, is given the pedigree, the contract, where specified the maintenance conditions, breeding conditions, etc., toys and food that may be required for the first day of life in the new house.


Some of our producers are taking part in exhibitions and receive evaluations. Participation in exhibitions takes a significant part of funds. That is a payment for participation, exhibition tent (gabbia), transportation and hotel costs. Also, the pet must be prepared for the exhibition, that is so-called grooming, which has also an additional cost. Therefore, if the kitten from parents-champions, it will cost more.

The right for breeding

If you buy a kitten for yourself, and do not plan to participate in exhibitions and breeding – the kitten will have one cost. If the kitten is sold with the right for breeding – it will cost more.

Maintenance and nutrition conditions

In our cattery there are no unplanned litters, our female cats bring forth no more than three times in two years. All our kittens grow in purity, from childhood are accustomed to the toilet and to the scratching post, are surrounded by care and affection. Kitten is a little cat child, so for us it is important to ensure that all our pet has the necessary toys, playhouses, playgrounds. We care about the status and health of our pets, and therefore we choose only super-premium food. Also, special attention is paid to enhanced nutrition with added vitamins for cats during pregnancy.


Another important factor for us is the destiny of all our graduates, so we are ready to provide information support and assistance when questions arise.